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BarbellfusionFit is dedicated to providing our clients with quality intense functional training classes Boot Camp style. Years of experience and training, has made it possible for us to  develop BarbellfusionFit. BarbellfusionFit Methodology is based on Integrated Concurrent Exercise(ICE)which is fusing or bringing together two of the most proven ways to get Fit. Barbell Complexes and HIIT(Cardio Training) in a fat scorching 45min. Quarter(workout ).
It is true BarbellfusionFit is slightly more expensive than big Box gyms because unlike them we aren't selling equipment. Our many satisfied clients are investing their money in Transformation outcomes. The only way we can produce these incredible transformations is by offering specialized group semi-personal training at the fraction of the cost at a regular gym.  

With approximately 67% of Americans not using their membership  for which they pay for every month. That means gyms are designed to accommodate 33% of the total of paying clients. It is extremely rare for a BarbellfusionFit member to not use their membership. At BarbellfusionFit our main purpose is to deliver results. Since BarbellfusionFit is driven by delivering Transformation results and not just access to equipment, the price is slightly higher.

There is a significant difference between offering access to equipment and providing individualized fitness training and a plan that delivers fantastic results. BarbellfusionFit is designed to increase your metabolism through a 45 minute intense training while creating the "After Burn Effect". This will create lean muscle and blast away the inches and pounds. 

This would be impossible without the guidance of our certified BarbellfusionFit trainers leading the group training . We offer fitness evaluations which includes monthly weigh-ins, measurements, and nutritional consultations.

This is why we train in groups, so our clients can form friendships and supportive relationships that encourage awesome transformation results. Our trainers and owner is actively involved with clients through Facebook, texts, phone calls and emails.

All of this personalized attention and emotional support guarantees great results. Above all you must TRUST THE PROCESS!!

*Current classes offered: BarbellfusionFit and BarbellfusionFit Accelerated.
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