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XtremePlyo Fitness is dedicated to providing our clients with quality intense functional training excercises Boot Camp style. Years of experience and training, have made it possible for us to  develop Barbell Fusion. Barbell Fusion Methodology is based Integrated Concurrent Exercise(ICE)which is fusing or bringing together two of the most proven ways to get superfit. Barbell Complexes(Strength Training) and HIIT(Cardio Training). Barbell Fusion will transform your body composition at a fast accelerated rate. You will develop sculptured legs, arms, shoulders and flat abs. With Tracy Green's Barbell Fusion Method, you will be using heavy to light weights and cardio exercises to torch body fat and develop that lean muscular body that you have always wanted. This fun training technique accelerates your heart rate and burns tons of calories. Which enables your body to transform safe and fast. Now for the first time you can get in shape and have that body you have always wanted. Regardless of gender, age, fitness level, skill level, or athletic ability, barbell fusion is designed to increase your metabolism through a 45 minute intense training session while creating that "After Burn Effect" for hours afterwards that will create lean muscle and blast away the inches and pounds.

Current classes offered: Barbell Fusion, Kid Barbell Fusion and Barbell Fusion Accelerated. Please check schedule for current class times.
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